About me

good day!! everyone whose viewing this weblog of mine…I am Mica Perez, a jolly and a funny person and willing to do everything just to make my friends happy and put them always a happy face whenever im with them or I’m in my barkada chat room most specially in MMB5…hehehe I have to mentioned it coz I love those people there….

Its the little things in life that determine the big things. Make most of what is given. Passion, focus and discipline I believe is what a person needs to attain goals. I love the conceptualization and the birth of new ideas. I am challenged with new things that I have never tried. I am a person that Fears God and gives all the glory back to HIM. For all the blessings and talents given to me is all God given. I love to laugh, love trips, love people watching, love to hang out with friends. I love life! Life is short so I try my best not to make it shorter by not dwelling on the negative.
People see me and delights in me. I’m a very positive person. I see the good in almost everything. I fail myself at times and it takes time for me to forgive myself.
Then again, I have no problem with other people and I just take people, situations as it is…

I’m looking forward to make friends with others whose looking this blog…thanks guys


  1. Hi there, well i think nakikita mo ako sa mmb5, hope we could be gud frends…

    nice blog site, so much info to read.

  2. lols sweet jolly and funny ba???dapat yummy din hehehe jokes…

  3. piercing eyes. Does that run in the family?

  4. 🙂

  5. nice cozy site you’ve got… blog on and enjoy 😉

  6. Nice blog Mica. I’ve always admire people who take time writing their thought and feelings. I think it’s cool.

  7. hi! well u sound pretty nice to me! im new here so i dont no how 2 chat :(! look at my blog pls!BYE!

  8. hi mica….

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