Chat Room DRAMA!?!

1. It’s a chat room… Everybody can be somebody. That means they can be sweet and gay despite of the rough exterior. Solution: Don’t give your 100% instead give them your 10% and let them go 90%. If they really like you, they should make an effort. I’m not saying to play hard to get, but at least don’t let them know that you’ll marry them in a heartbeat.

2. That “ASAWA KO” or “I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER EVEN IF I DIE OF CONSTIPATION” I don’t believe in that shit. Really! At BF/GF stage they’ll say they will never go apart. . . Then a couple of months later you’ll learn that they broke up. Never state things that you can’t do, falling face first on the floor is pretty much painful you know? Just enjoy the BF/GF stage first before blurting crap like these.

3. Investigation. No, I am not saying that you should do the Detective Dick flick but instead try to know the person more. Like stated in number 1, everybody can be somebody. This way you will know people’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, personality, and the sort. Can do your research? Try asking his/her friends that would help.

4. Expect conflicts and pain… What? You think that when you’re in love it feels like Christmas everyday? You’ll also go through different kinds of shit! But conflicts are good, it makes you a stronger and wiser person. Pain? for me it’s a lesson to be learned and reflected on not a thing to cry and sulk. So chin up and accept these things with a grace of an adult and not the grief of a child.

5. Drink your heartache away? What are you? Fucking stupid?! You must be watching too much TV. It’s gonna take your problems away TEMPORARILY. . . Why not just confront it and put an end of all your suffering?


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