Cry of a Wounded Heart

Cry of a Wounded Heart

Don’t get too close, I might fall for you.

I don’t want it to happen because you’re my friend.

I know your intention is good; befriending me is all that is.

But your presence bothering me

Since I’m from heartbreak

You have shown me genuine importance

That is really melting my heart.

Your simple jokes and laughter

That teases me now and then.

Your smile, oh…how sweet!

Takes my sadness away!

I feel so special, whenever I’m with you.

Many are jealous when I’m close to you.

I have a little secret that I can never share.

I always did admire you

Your one of a kind, very rare


Oh my friend, I love you but please keep your


If only I could tell.


  1. ang ganda ha sakit lang sa mata lols go sis

  2. For Mica

    By kenny

    Youre always there for me

    My life youve changed at all cost

    You show me the right way of leaving

    Now i offer my life to you

    And iwant to be with you forevermore

    Mica i wanna be in heaven with you

    Right by my side ill say that i love you

    Loving and Kissing you all day

    i can’t live without your love

    Coz mica is already in my Heart 8->

    Mica is here..

    Mica is here ..

    Mica is here ..

    For Mica is here In Kenny’s Heart !!

  3. all wounds heal,
    despite what you feel.
    broken hearts mend,
    pain does end.

    don’t let fear rule,
    not even if you feel like a fool.
    don’t let pain reign,
    even in summer there is rain.

    hearts are made for love
    arms are for embraces,
    lips are for kisses,
    broken hearts are mended by love.

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