beautiful days

Reference:Sis Grace…thanks so much

YOU and I

You and I are connected

I can’t explain, I just feel it.
It’s there in the way my spirits lift
whenever we talk.
The sound of your voice brings me joy,
in a way I can’t explain.
It’s in the delight I feel, when we laugh
at exactly the same things.

These things and so many more,
have made me understand
that this is a once in a lifetime,
forever connection.
A connection that could only exist
between you and me.

Inspirational Quotes…

How I Feel(“,)

I met you a couple of

days ago

and now I'm in love with you

do you believe in love at first talk???

Because I do
I'm not that pretty, I'm

not that smart

And I know that we're so far apart

But let me love you, forever let's try

And please love me too, don't make me cry

As we go on, each passing night

My love for you, keeps burnin' bright

And every time I feel so blue

I think of you, to make it through

Everyday, In my mind I pray

That you will forever love me,

and you will stay

So be with me, each passing day

'Cause forever to you, my love will stay


Bb. Pilipinas, Janina San Miguel…. (Ms. Universe) a.k.a. engot 2 d max

damn. i didn’t have the guts to finish watching the clip.

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