Wondering what went wrong???


This night will be the last night I’ll be wishing for you, the last night I shall cry, and the last time I shall hurt myself. Someday if I see you, I’ll just whisper “I loved you too much…that’s enough”

I say I hate you but I don’t, I try to hurt you but I can’t, it’s hard to hate someone who has been the best thing that has ever happened to them.

You said you don’t love me…did you ask how I feel? why didn’t you say earlier..why must you say it when I feel that I had everything in the world…when I just lose them within a few seconds…why must you be so cruel…did you understand my feelings?

I never meant to hurt you, it’s something I know was wrong. I still care for you, I really do.. but you’ll never know since we haven’t talked for so long.

How could you say you care, then leave out standing there, so cruel and so cold. took away the hand of man I used to hold, said you promised no more pain, then pain is all I gain.

I cried today…not because I missed you, or even I wanted you. but because I realized, I’m gonna be alright without you.

Why do you keep avoiding me, am I one of the persons you really hate? you don’t have to show me that you don’t care…don’t worry I’ll just go.

I love you so much that you are always in my head. The sad part is, tonight I know you are probably in someone else’s bed.

You aren’t worth my tears if you can ever make me cry, you aren’t worth trusting if all you do is lie, you aren’t worth loving if you’re gonna break my heart…so why am I trying to be with you when we are better off apart.

Why did I waste my precious time on something not so true…Why did I waste my time on someone like you…I’ll never take you back…Why would I want something like that…I wasted my time on you…Thank God it’s just a memory of the past.

This time it’s over, I’m keeping my heart, I’m gonna be strong and not fall apart. It will get better, I’ll no longer cry…in a couple of weeks, I don’t Want to die…I don’t wanna go back. I’ll be able to sleep, it won’t hurt so bad, and it won’t feel so deep.

It hurts to love in vain; hurts even more that the one we love is loving someone else… but what hurts most is finding out that the reason he’s loving someone else is cause you never gave him the chance to love you.

One day, I’d make you mine. One day, you’d say I’m fine. One day, you’d realize that love is right before your eyes. One day when things are true. One day it’s you and me…but too bad you make it seem that one day, is just a dream.

He looked me deeply in the eyes. He lied and said, “I won’t make you cry”. And when I thought it was too good to be true, he blew me off and found someone new.

Sometimes I wonder how people can become so insensitive. You show them all your love and yet nothing happens and how insensitive we can get too. We still love them even if we knew.

I long for you in a manner that you’ll never know. I need you in a manner that you’ll never do. I miss you in a manner that you’ll never feel. I love you in a manner that you never will.

If you love someone so much that you hardly even notice me loving you, you’re so devoted to give all your love while I’m here eager to give you mine. I’m doing this because I love you even if you don’t even care to knoDon’t be too nice, don’t be too sweet, don’t be too thoughtful, coz I might just like it. And when I do, you might regret it, coz when you’re so nice, you make me forget, that you’re just a friend, nothing more, nothing less.  

Don’t be surprised if one day I’ll avoid you and be gone. It’s not because you’ve done something wrong and I hate you because I’m afraid to love and be hurt again by somebody who can’t love me.

They say loving you is my biggest mistake but how can it be so wrong if it feels so right? If ever I made a mistake, it’s not that I love you, it’s thinking that someday you’ll love me too…

How do I say goodbye to someone I never had? Why do my tears fall for someone who was never mine? Why is it that I miss someone I was never with? And why do I love someone whose love was never mine?

Inside I admired you, inside I cherished your every ways, inside I loved you, and still inside I cry, ‘coz I know it’s only inside that I can have you 

after all the thinking, I realized that to have you will never be, I know you’re not for me, I know you belong to someone else, and yet every time I wake up, I fall for you all over again.

do you know that the worst way that I can miss you is not when you’re far away? it’s when you’re right beside me and yet I know I can never have you coz am simply watching you fall for someone else. 

hold me one last time before you go and leave, touch me one last time tell me to believe in this, I ask for one last time and please don’t lie, say I love you one last time before you say goodbye.

it hurts when the person you love don’t say I love you. but it even hurts when you realize that you can say I love you but too late to do so coz she’s too tired of waiting for you to say it.

sometimes love is so unfair, the more you sacrifice, the more you are hurt and when you feel you’ve given your best, it still seems not enough, till such time you had no choice but to give up.


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