Addicted to love? 10 questions to find out now!

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 Addicted to Love???

So, are you addicted to love?  Here at Romance Tracker, we know that the overwhelming power of romance can sometimes share similarities to the affects of a habit-forming drug, making you addicted to love and your significant other.  If you’re addicted to love, the symptoms are easy to define . . . but overcoming a love addiction might not be as easy as defining it!

So, is there anything really wrong with being addicted to love?  Well of course not, as long as you are addicted to the love of one single special person in your life!  Being addicted to attracting attention and love from numerous people might pose problems, but you could say that every old-fashioned romantic in the world is, in a way, addicted to love.

So check out list below to see if you really are addicted to love . . . but if you’re in a healthy romantic relationship with the person of you dreams, don’t let it worry you.  Being addicted to love can be healthy, exciting, and a wonderful testament to your romantic relationship!

1. You’re addicted to love if you just don’t notice other members of the opposite sex

After all, that special person in your life is the most beautiful image you could ever possibly wish to behold!  Everyone else pales in comparison with them.

2. You’re addicted to love if your committed relationship is exciting to you

Being in a committed relationship with that special someone isn’t frightening to you, but rather is exciting, enticing and exactly what you want in your life.

3. You’re addicted to love if hanging with your friends isn’t as cool to you anymore

You used to love being with your friends and couldn’t imagine ditching them for anyone else, but hanging out with them just isn’t as important as being with that special someone now.

4. You’re addicted to love if you don’t mind spending your money or time

So what if you spend all day wasting time with your lover or spend a little too much of your hard-earned cash on dinner and other fun stuff?  There’s no such thing as wasted time or money when it comes to making them happy.

5. You’re addicted to love if you want to impress your lover

Making yourself a better person in order to impress that special someone has become very important to you, and nothing makes you feel better than when they are proud of you.

6. You’re addicted to love if you want to learn all you can about your lover

A lifetime may not be enough time to learn everything you want to know about that special someone.  Their likes, dislikes, what makes them tick . . . all are important to you.

7. You’re addicted to love if you start caring more about your physical appearance

Being attractive to your special someone has become extremely important to you, and you try everything you can think of to make them enjoy the way you look as much as you love the way they look.

8. You’re addicted to love if you care more about your lover’s happiness than your own

Making them happy makes you happy, plain and simple.  Their comfort and happiness has become more important in your life than your own.

9. You’re addicted to love if everything around you reminds you of your lover

The clouds in the sky, the people who pass you on the street; everything seems to make you think of your special someone, and you can’t stand to be away from them.

10. You’re addicted to love if you think about your lover all the time

Maybe this is why everything you see reminds you of them!  That special someone is always on your mind, and you’re addicted to thinking about them, even in your dreams.


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