Valentine’s Day is just aroud the corner! The spirit of this extra-special occasion is already felt especially to those who are totally in-love.


Giving gifts during Valentine’s Day has now become part of our lives. We give special presents to our loved ones or even suprise them to show how important they are to us. At this point you’re probably still thinking of what to give and have wasted a lot of time looking for one. Here are some ideas which may help you decide. COMMON GIFTS
       There are gifts that we give on special occasions which you can also give even on Valentines Day.
Cuddly Stuffed Toys – Give your special someone a stuffed toy that she likes. It doesn’t always require that if its valentines you should give Teddy Bear. It can be her favorite animal or cartoon character.

Bouquet of Flowers – Suprise her with her favorite flower. Have it arranged in such a way that will make her smile.

Sweets – Give your special someone a bag of sweets. They may say that it will only make them fat but it is also your way of showing that no matter how they will always be the special in your eyes.

Jewelry – It may be expensive yet it is something that really touches the heart of your special someone. Wearing it is a proof that somebody owns the heart of the person who has it.


        These are gifts that will make your special someone remember you wherever they are or whatever they do.

Personalized Shirts – tell the world how proud you are having that person in your life

Signiture Mug – Buy a mug and have a message inscribed on it telling him/her your special feelings


        These gifts require a lot of effort and money yet it’s worth every sacrifice when you see that they made your loved one happy.

Photo Mosaic – Collect all pictures with you together and form a mosaic with them. it will surely cost a lot but it is something to be treasured for life.

Scrapbook – Put all your memorable stuffs that you have. Create a story out of those. Make him/her remember all the things that you’ve been through.

CD – Have your favorite s
ongs or videos burned in a CD. It is something that can make him/her feel better after a long and tiring day.


         The spirit of Valentines isn’t complete without the traditional giving of letters.

Valentine Card – Buy a card or simply make one out of your creativity to make it more speacial. Write the reasons why you are grateful of having him/her in your life. Express your self.

Message in a Bottle – This is a new and more presentable way of giving a letter to your special one this seasons of love. Just like cards, you also have to write your feelings for your loved one. The differences is that it is placed in a bottle which seals its memories forever.

Hope you like it D

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