“13 Signs of Falling in Love”

1. When you’re on the phone with him late at night and after hanging up, you already miss him/her.

2. You read his/her texts over and over again.

3. You walk really slowly when you’re with him/her.

4. You feel shy whenever you’re with him/her.

5. When you think about him or her, your heart beats faster and faster.

6. You smile when you hear his/her voice.

7. When you look at him/her, you can’t see the other people around you…all you see is he/she.

8. You start listening to slow songs while thinking of him/her.

9. He become all you think about.

10. You get high just from his/her scent.

11. You realize that you’re always smiling to yourself when you think about him/her.

12. You would do anything for him/her.

13. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time.

For all of you guys who feel the same feelings-of course IN LOVE..and having the same signs don’t you just seat there and wait for love coz love doesn’t mean waiting for nothing if it really meant for you then go for it..I am very sure after reading this you will think of a person whom you really admire and soon love most..feel the love in your heart..if u fell out of love then try to relate on this sign for you to FALL IN LOVE again…

Reference: Doctor Virus

Edited by: Mica Perez



  1. awww8-> ibg sbhin….nde pa akew inlababo sayant nmn!!!:-

  2. yes im in love….lolz sis muah !

  3. all i can say is “dont find love.. let love find you.. because you dont really force youself to be inlove.. you just fall..” and if so you are in a status of “being inlove” go with “whatever happens.. happens..”

  4. awts..#-O
    its a wonderful feeling when you’re in love.. yet the price you pay for falling in would mean “sacrifice”.. sacrificing your whole self that gives us this bittersweetness inside..8->
    uh-oh..in love na ata ako dun..:-S

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