Super OA

Jan 8,  10:03:45 AM

why you must never mention “blood” when you’re chatting

I was slicing apples yesterday when i accidentally cut the tip of my finger (note: cut, not cut OFF ok?). It wasn’t that deep, nor was it shallow. Then my cousin, Wenny, buzzed me on ym. I told her about the blood before i went in the bathroom to get a band aid. Anyway, this is how it went:

ica: shit… nag slice ako ng apples and na slice ko kamay ko!!!
ica: super tulo ang dugo
(I went off to get band aid at this point)
wenny: PM: omg
wenny: call 911!!!!!
wenny: 911!!!!!!!!!!
(I came back)
ica: di nman naputol kamay ko tanga
ica: :))
ica: na slice lang.. ung tip ng finger part
ica: nag dugo lang pero ok lang
ica: :))
ica: wag ka mahimatay
wenny: kahit na
wenny: un na nga e
wenny: twgan mo 911 pra magamot yan
ica: huh?
ica: nilagyan ko lang ng band aid
ica: okei n2
wenny: yakkkkkkkk
wenny: 911 911 911 911!!!
wenny: hahha
wenny: ma infect yan
wenny: papasok mga germs jan
wenny: shet!!! mag nana yan!!!
ica: hindi oi!
ica: lukaret OA mo
wenny: gano ka laki ung sugat??
wenny: parang gripo ung dugo??
wenny: fucckk@!!!!

that’s not all of the conversation. It went on for a while until I changed the subject to marimar. haha

What an overreaction. Well actually, nanlambot rin ako because of the blood. It was pretty deep. But still, you don’t call 911 for slitting the tip of your finger! you call 911 if you cut it OFF or if you slit your wrists (given that you’re conscious and don’t want to die).

Hmm.. my index finger still hurts a bit, actually. The cut didn’t close yet, but I can still type fast even with the disability. Is that proof of my geekiness (geekiness what a word) or what? lol.


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