Organizing a particular clan is really a must for making this a one-of-a-kind. well, though some people say that its not important to do this because since you’re in one chat room, you knew already each others personality when it comes to chat and to some it is important or a need that it should be organized for us to know each others personality and to know better.

This is some tips to organize a clan:

clan policies and procedure…

1: (newbie) respect the members, officers and above all that the senior members of the clan,

2: (newbie) should know all Senior members in the clan, Officers and all members.

3: members of the clan should always practice courtesy in chatting specially when in the rum or any other rums in the net.

4: a member should always log in using their given uniform, if in any instances they cannot log in, they should inform the moderators or any officer of the clan.

5: misunderstanding should be settled privately by the concern parties with the help of the assigned moderator or officer which serves as mediator of the concern parties.

: Offense done in any matter by anyone in the clan should be dealt in with serious approach.

6.1 -Any Minor offenses done will correspond to a certain punishment:

6.1.1 -Discourteous / Impolite / Ill-mannered attitude:

6.1.2 -Clashing with co-member /Arguing/Fighting in the Clans’ Room:

1st offense-Verbal Warning

2nd Offense-Stern Reprimand ( Higher Officers of the clan)

3rd Offense -Written Reprimand

Final Offense-Eradicate from the Clan.

6.2 *** Major offense done will correspond punishment:

6.2.1 – Clashing with any of the Officers, Moderator and Pioneers of the Clan should   correspond to the following punishment:

1st Offense -Written Reprimand

Final Offense-Eradicate from the Clan.


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  1. wow biglangnagblog si micang mhiwaga lols welcome to the blog world

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