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Sexy Stories and Ideas Looking for ideas to spice up your love life? Want ways to bring the fire back into your relationship? Long term relationships can sometimes lack the spark that once ignited to bring you two together. But you can still “get your freak on” even after you started a family. It is a good idea to put some effort into your love life with your beloved, especially if things have been a little dry lately. Here are some ideas you can try.

Strip Tease This idea primarily applies to women who want to do something for their guy. Although it is nice when a woman gets a little strip tease from their guy, it sort of lacks the same appeal. Also, if you are a guy who wants a romantic and sassy strip tease from your woman, she has to be willing. You can’t just think it is a great idea and suggest it if she isn’t really in the mood, or if she feels awkward doing it. That will kill the mood. This must be the woman’s idea.

Girls, you know how cheesy strip clubs are, and yet they hold so much appeal for me! So cheese out and go to a lingerie store for something completely impractical but fun. Get that cheesy stripper outfit, maybe some stick-on rhinestones or body jewelery and perhaps even a new and wild wig (the wig should be realistic). You could really turn yourself into someone completely new!

Select some good dance music, something hot and thumping. Get a few selections ready. You need to play the part so make sure your skin is silky smooth, wear some sexy musk and put on way too much makeup. You could even go tranny style and get those giant fake eyelashes. Do it up darling!

Have your guy seated in the middle of the room on a chair with small or no arms. Make sure the lights are down low and have the music blaring. You don’t need to know how a strip tease goes and you certainly don’t need to be a professional! Just make it up as you go along. Move slowly and seductively and keep close to him at all times. A lap dance is very physical. It is not you dancing for him and stripping two feet away. It is you on his lap or in other close positions letting him help undress you himself! Have fun with it!

Get a Room Book a hotel room, even in the same town you live in. And if you want to be really cheesy, get a motel room. There is something to be said for getting busy in a change of venue. Sometimes all you need to stimulate a little creativity is a change of scenery. And for some people, having sex in someone else’s domain is a total turn on, especially when you can be loud enough for other people to hear!

You don’t have to get a room just because you are on vacation and need a place to stay. You can get a room at any old time in any town. Your bedroom might be a little boring. Not to say that your decorative skills are lacking. It is just because you have already christened that room with your sex rituals a zillion times. Try it somewhere new!

Sometimes you can find rooms with whirlpool baths or jacuzzi’s in the room itself. Not in the bathroom but in the bedroom, and they aren’t that much more expensive. Call around and see. If you don’t have a cozy large garden bath at home that both of you can soak in, getting a room with a large whirlpool bath is a real treat. Get some wine or champagne, maybe a little bubble bath and hang out in the tub for a while. It will create a mood of luxury and sexuality that both of you will appreciate.

Naked and Jeweled The human body is a beautiful work of art. Especially the female! If you are looking to surprise your man with a night of passion, try adorning yourself with jewelery instead of your old flannel pajamas to get things started. Imagine your man coming home to you only to find you completely in the nude wearing only a rhinestone choker, perhaps a belly chain, sparkling earrings and a few bangles. You would look like a work of art, and an open invitation to dive in.

This idea may seem a little drag-queenish but there is nothing wrong with dressing for the occasion once in a while. Most of us DON’T live the stripper lifestyle where this idea would be considered one of everyday importance. But think about why, for example, exotic dancers where so many rhinestones. Because it is alluring and makes your body sparkle. So be your own exotic body for your man in the privacy of your own home.

Sex without love is an empty gesture. But as empty gestures go, it is one of the best.


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  1. babae namn bida d2 ica eh.

    hnd ako mka relate..

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