EB or not EB

      Some people say  more friends, more fun… or in other perspective the more, the merrier… well this an issue that l will tackle how a chatter make friends in other chatters in different way or l may say in different situation. Sometimes, kasi when people get addicted or its their routine to face the computer everyday in their lives they getting the idea that “how about if l will be meeting this one or that one (person)” pertaining to person whose being your friends for long time because of YM.

I have seen in television, I have read in news paper that most of the chatters are now easily get touched with their chat mates kaya mabilis silang  na hooked na makipag “EB” sa mga ka-chat nila. well, In my own experience, as a “computer lover” and also a “chat-addicted person” I have known a person with my common friends that they had meet a chat mates in personal but luckily wala namang nangyari masama… well, I think for some siguro may nangyari na dun na hindi maganda.  and I’m actually witnessed also a technology (pertaining to ym), nakipag EB siya when she was in the state of getting addicted in chatting…. and some had this guy that expressed an intense feelings for her… and fortunately, naging sila nung guy and they live now as partners, lols

So guys, this is just a small issue but very an awakening context that will surely longing your minds to think. If I will be giving you an  advice, I will just insist that if you’re going to meet or “EYE BALL” a chat mates in personal. be sure that this person is harmless for knowing for along time, or you have known this person in decent way of chatting… o kaya naman be sure you have a companion when you are meeting this person in personal… (nakatakot na ngaun ang panahon kaya konting ingat)

So what now, “EB or not “EB”?…


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